Tom van Wersch

​Tom is a senior executive at Shleep – a company that aims to enable organizations to thrive, by improving the wellbeing of leaders and teams. His experience with the impact of sleep, mindfulness and meditation resulted in a strong conviction that personal wellbeing is at the core of peak performance, on both an individual and organizational level.

Tom started his career working in fast paced organizations like Heineken and Red Bull – and recognized the long term imbalance that can exist between a company’s financial targets and its desire to have people perform at their best. The ever increasing speed and variety of technological advancement only increases this tension.

In his view, the solution lies in a shared effort to boost wellbeing and restore balance.

Though an individual is primarily responsible for his or her own wellbeing, much can be said for improving the external factors surrounding the individual, such as the workplace.

An improved work culture will allow people to continuously excel and run the marathon – not just the sprint.

In his role at Shleep, Tom talks to corporate executives about employee peak performance - and how improved sleep can help organizations achieve this desired state.

Knowing yourself
is the beginning of all wisdom.