Paul Bestebreurtje

​Paul Bestebreurtje is the Ambassador for the Fairtrade-certified LemonAid & ChariTea, a company that makes soft drinks and tea from the best organic ingredients. The social business has raised in a total of 4 million euros for a variety of social projects in the home countries of the juices and tea leaves that go into the drinks.

Paul Bestebreurtje has been part of the social business Lemonaid and ChariTea since 2014, when he introduced their social, fresh, organic and Fairtrade drinks to the Dutch market. With a healthy taste for provoking people, he persuaded quite some young entrepreneurs, café owners and office buildings to turn away from traditional beverages and to list the social Lemonaid and ChariTea instead.

More Lemonaid ambassadors like Paul have done the same throughout Europe, and the drinks are currently distributed in multiple markets.

Similar to the uprooting character of the drinks, the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation is establishing itself as a critical organization in the NGO landscape. The world of giving money is in need of innovation just as any other branche.

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