Gian Power

​Gian Power gave up his promising career at PwC in order to found his own company: TLC LIONS. His mission: bringing storytelling, wellbeing and inclusion into the workplace through people telling the extraordinary stories of their lives.

Growing up in Durham, Gian set up his first business – a DVD manufacturing company – when he was just 13. He had just completed his accountancy exams when tragedy struck in 2015, and he took three months off work for what he calls “the most difficult time in my life.” His father was murdered while on a work trip to India in May 2015 – and Gian ended up personally leading the global investigation.

In the aftermath of these life-changing events, Gian discovered the power of meditation and found his inner resilience for a purpose-driven mission.

He left his promising corporate career at PwC and founded a business with a powerful mission: build a movement to ensure no-one ever feels alone. That business is called The Lions Club, a collective of 25 inspiring individuals that share their stories, battles and triumphs with companies and organizations all over the world.

Knowing yourself
is the beginning of all wisdom.