Frederik Andersen

​Meet Frederik Anderson, CEO of Vice Scandinavia. He plays a key role in transforming organisations for the better and beliefs in change from the inside-out. He likes to connect Vice to its audience in weird, wonderful, and above all: real ways.

Frederik Andersen is Chief Operations Officer of Change Incorporated, a new global purpose driven platform born out of VICE media. The company was recently launched in the UK and will be rolling out globally over the next few years.

Frederik worked formerly as the Chief Executive Officer for VICE Nordic, now overseeing Change Incorporated implementation on a global scale.

Frederik works cross-media, cross-industry in the junction where creativity meets business and plays a key role in facilitating or transforming organisations for the better.

Through his global executive work, Frederik has his finger on the pulse of major corporations and global brands. He calls a sense of urgency to evolve from the inside-out transformation instead of the out-dated Corporate Social Responsibility initaitives.

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