Charles Eisenstein

​Charles Eisenstein is a Yale graduate who likes to think outside the box. He wrote a book about alternative money systems, introduced a new narrative on climate change in his latest work and doesn’t charge fees for his speaking engagements - testimony to his idea of generosity and paying it forward.

Eisenstein has been quoted as one of the seminal and pioneering philosophers and storytellers of the new world facing the social, economic, political, spiritual and environmental challenges.

Born in 1967, Eisenstein graduated from Yale University in 1989 with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy. Eisenstein is the author of six books and he travels to speak and share his work. In his books, Eisenstein explores themes such as alternatives for the current monetary system and the need for transformation of humanity's role on planet Earth.

His latest book Climate - A New Story, was published in September 2018, and introduces a new climate narrative beyond carbon credits.

With his speaking engagements, Eisenstein does not charge a fee, preferring his reimbursement in the form of donations. This speaks of his ideal of generosity and personal commitment of "living in the gift".

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