Alvaro Sotomayor

​As a creative director at Wieden+Kennedy, Alvaro Sotomayor tries to inspire companies to become more meaningful. As an artist his views are similar: he collaborated with Banksy to raise funds for children in Palestine and protested against bullfighting with his ever- evolving paintings of bulls.

Alvaro is an exhibiting visual artist and award-winning creative director at the global agency Wieden+Kennedy in Amsterdam. Alvaro has worked in his position since 1995 making it somewhat of an exception in the fast-paced advertising industry.

Alvaro’s prolific work as an artist and activist continues with a similar long-term approach. Over the years, his always evolving paintings of bulls have become the centerpiece of the anti-bullfighting movement in Spain and his collaboration with Banksy and other prominent artists in Palestine have raised significant funds and awareness for children in schools in Palestine.

At Wieden+Kennedy, Alvaro works with global multi-year marketing campaigns with the intention of inspiring companies to become better and more meaningful.

His portfolio of global clients includes giants such as Nike, Corona, Levi’s, Spotify, Heineken and Vodafone with whom he works with his brave and purpose-driven work ethic.

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